User Generated Mobile Content

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Important Statistics for Mobile User Generated Content

From Ratio of content creation vs content viewing by Tomi Ahonen.

I think we are starting to see a pattern on the ratio of how much content is generated vs content is viewed. We've discussed SeeMeTV stats earlier here, where the ratio is about 100 times more viewing than creating videoclip content.

We also saw the example from Finland with Pop Idols/Common Man's Idols, where 1,700 people generated content (singing songs), but 150,000 people came to consume (almost 100 times more listeneners than content creators).Now Orange CEO Sanjay Ahuja has spoken in Chicago at the Globalcomm event, where he reported that on Orange's blog service they have 1.2 million postings (by 65,000 bloggers) which have been viewed 140 million times. Again that 100x greater number.So I think we can use a tentative rule of thumb, that on mobile networks, for appealing user-generated content, the viewing will be typically 100 times more than the original content generated.

I think this is well in line with the early expert predictions, and also suggests that a business model where content generation is free but content viewing/consumption is charged, should be very easily sustainable.

I believe that this is the model that makes sense.