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Sunday, May 21, 2006 Brings Inspirational Wallpapers to Mobile

Los Angeles, CA - May 22, 2006 MyNumo LLC in partnership with renowned South African designer and writer Sanet Strydom, announced today that it will be offering mobile wallpapers with messages of Faith, Inspiration, and Christian themes to mobile consumers throughout the United States (

"MNuMo's goal is to empower creative artists to reach audiences who have been ignored by mainstream publishers" said William Volk, CEO of myNuMo. "Sanet's incredible mobile wallpapers offer messages of faith and inspiration to Christians and people of all faiths."

"MyNuMo made it easy for me to publish my content into the mobile marketplace" added Sanet Strydom, "it handled all the details of conversion, delivery and billing allowing me to focus on the artwork and message."

"We enable anyone to become a mobile publisher," states Sherri Cuono, President of myNuMo, "after a review, your ringtones, wallpapers, and videos will be available for sale to Cngular/AT&T, T-Mobile, and soon Sprint customers in the USA."

"It's all about empowering the artist," states Keith Arem, MyNuMo co-president and 15-year veteran for the interactive industry. "We encourage creative people to come up with the next great mobile content category."

About Sanet Strydom

Sanet is a native of Pretoria, South Africa, has extensive experience in journalism, art, marketing and multimedia production.

About myNuMo

Building on the exponential growth in user generated content on the Internet, MyNuMo ( has launched a powerful online marketplace, where anyone can publish and sell music, images, and videos into the lucrative mobile content marketplace.

MyNuMo has already attracted impressive media talent from the UK, Mexico, Korea and the United States. "Our goal is simple," concluded William Volk. "…to enable creative people everywhere to tap into the mobile market, and to provide mobile customers with great content"


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